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Flashes of Insight

Cozy Mystery readers beware! I have dubbed Flashes of Insight a “Jersey Cozy.” Both my protagonist and I hail from New Jersey, so the characters use a bit of “salty” language not usually found in traditional cozy mysteries, but which I have found to be traditional among my female friends. You have been forewarned!

Since hot flashes set in, Olivia Wilde’s mantra has become, “There’s nothing sexier than a sweaty upper lip.” But hot flashes and mood swings aren’t the only intrusive newcomers in Liv’s world. To her surprise, she found perimenopause unleashed hormone-fueled psychic visions—a middle-age twist she discovers also appeared in the life of another woman in her family tree.

When Liv’s friend Jane’s antique store is robbed, Liv finds herself in the midst of a quest to find priceless letters written by President James Monroe and his wife Elizabeth, which historians thought Monroe destroyed long ago. With the encouragement of her “Monthly” dinner party girlfriends, Liv begins to learn how to harness her newfound abilities, along with her smarts, to help uncover who is behind the break-in. It’s a quest that nearly costs Liv her life and teaches her the often-hidden price of small-town life and generational family secrets.

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