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Flashes of Insight

Mood swings and insomnia are one thing, hot flash-induced psychic visions are quite another. When Olivia Wilde realizes the visions she’s been experiencing in the midst of hot flashes are actually premonitions, she has to learn to understand and trust what she sees in order to help a friend, preserve a piece of history, and save a life.


Deftly weaving together elements of history, mystery, menopause, humor, some Jersey girl attitude, and a healthy dose of female friendship, Flashes of Insight marks the start of a new series sure to deliver laughter, intelligence, and lots of heart.

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Lynda Allen

I consider myself a life in progress.

One thing I have been throughout my life is a story lover. I was an adult by the time I realized I could also be a storyteller. Now, I am an author, poet, artist, and listener.

Giving my perimenopause personality her own name and, in a way, celebrating her, took some of the power away from her. Now when I’m unusually grumpy, I stop and remind myself it’s only G.G. It gave me a way to laugh at myself and not take it all too seriously and, for better or worse, she also gives my friends a way to point out when I’m being a little, or a lot, bitchy.

Liv Wilde from Flashes of Insight

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